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You're signed out. Objective: to describe the application of the nursing process to a working elderly based on the theory of Virginia Henderson. Method: a descriptive study of the clinical case type, held in October Virginia Henderson's theory 14 Basic Human Needs is all about the needs of the person to have a good health.Henderson viewed health as a quality of life and is very basic to a person fully.Henderson introduced the concept of the mind and body of a person as a inseparable the person should maintain physiological and emotional balance.The nurse should provide care to both sick and well individual.Henderson postulated the different nursing funtions in relation with the patient,physician and The 14 basic needs can be compared to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. Physiological and safety needs include Henderson’s number one to nine needs.

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The fourteen components of Henderson’s concept are as follows: The four major concepts addressed in the theory are the individual, the environment, health, and nursing. According to Henderson, individuals have basic needs that are components of health. They may require assistance to achieve health and independence, or assistance to achieve a peaceful death. For the individual, mind and body are inseparable and Virginia Henderson 14 Fundamentals of Basic Needs. Watch later.

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The nursing assessment was made, the results were analyzed and interpreted, the following dependency needs: the need to eliminate waste, the need to breathe and have a good circulation, the need 2012-02-12 2015-12-16 (Henderson, 1966).Virginia Henderson focused on individual care. She described nursing role as assisting individuals with essential activities to maintain health, to recover, or to achieve peaceful death.

Virginia henderson 14 basic needs

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Virginia Henderson Army School of Nursing in Washington in 1918 and graduated in 1921. She began the continuation of her education at Columbia university teachers and completed her B.S. and M.A. degree in nsg. Education in 1926. Henderson served as a teaching supervision in the clinics of strong Memorial Hospital in Breathe normally. The gaseous exchange of the body is essential for patient health and for life itself.

The 14 needs in Henderson’s theory are easily understood and have been widely used in practice to assist nurses in developing an action plan for each patient to gain independence and have a rapid recovery. Henderson emphasized the art of nursing and identified 14 basic human needs of patients which comprises the components of nursing care core. Henderson wrote her definition of nursing before the development of theoretical nursing. She described nursing roles in relation to patient needs instead of creating a general theory of nursing.
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Virginia henderson 14 basic needs

3. Eliminate body  This study aimed to utilize Virginia Henderson's Need Theory in the care of a The basis on the 14 Fundamental needs has proven to be an effective foundation   Free Essay: NEED THEORY Virginia Henderson Biography • “The Nightingale of Modern Henderson's 14 Activities for Client Assistance 1. What is paramount to the healthcare team is focusing on the basic human needs of the patient. Virginia Henderson Virginia Henderson's definition of nursing, considered to be a Her 14 basic needs were published in the Textbook of the Principles and  In 1923, started teaching nursing at the Norfolk Protestant Hospital in Virginia.

In her theory of nursing, Virginia Henderson focuses on basic human needs. She defines nursing in accordance to fourteen components of basic nursing care in a way that is said to be “simple yet generalizable†as well as “ uncomplicated and self-explanatory†(Current Nursing, 2012). Virginia Henderson’s Needs Theory. Virginia Henderson’s theory was developed in an era where patients need was the primary concerns.
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Know the concepts, metaparadigm, etc! Virginia Henderson 's Need Theory Critique’s Need Theory Critique Virginia Henderson developed her Need Theory from her definition of nursing. She believed that humans had fourteen basic needs. These needs are sub-categorized into physiological, psychological, social and moral, environmental and sociological.

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So it often called as the needs theory. Henderson believes that it is important to increase patient’s independence so that patient can recover and return home faster.

Henderson wrote her definition of nursing before the development of theoretical nursing. She described nursing roles in relation to patient needs instead of creating a general theory of nursing. 14.